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        Product name A008 Epoxy primer Product category Hao Liya series
        Detailed product

        Product introduction

        Multi-purpose two-component epoxy primer,Strong adhesion to most demanding metal substrate,It can provide excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, salt and mist properties for bare metal bottom materials. Suitable for steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel, galvanized steel plate.

        Product characteristics

        It has excellent tightness,It has strong adhesion to most demanding metal substrate.

        Excellent covering and filling.

        Excellent isolation effect and high crosslinking density,the solvent resistance and chemical resistance of paint film are obviously enhanced.

        It has excellent anti-corrosion resistance.

        Physical parameters

        Appearance status

        Grey thick liquid

        Nonvolatile component



        half matt gloss

        specific gravity

        About 1.5±0.1kg/L


        85±10 seconds8:1 Epoxy thinner  ,-4 cups,25℃)

        auxiliary product


        epoxy  hardener


        Universal thinner

        Construction parameters

        Mix proportion

        Epoxy primer                       3 Volume          4 Weight

        Epoxy hardener                 1 Volume          1 Weight

        Universal thinner               2 Volume           2 Weight

        Mix well before using

        Spraying viscosity

        1822 seconds-4cups,25℃)

        Spraying tool

        Upper pot spray gun diameter of 1.2 ~ 1.5mm

        The lower pot nozzle diameter is 1.41.8mm

        Spraying pressure

        Gun pressure for 34kg/c

        Spraying method

        Spray on the second floor,the evaporation time for each layer is 5 ~ 10 minutes25℃)

        Film thickness

        4060 micron

        drying time 

        Auxiliary  hardener 4 hours25℃),30  minutes60℃)  Auxiliary  hardener 4hours25℃),40  minutes60℃)

        Dry consolidation

        P600#P800# sandpaper Wet milling

        Nonapplicable range

        Plastic, wood, etc


        Dry solids can be scraped with atomic ashes

        Packing specification



        The storage period of the open tank is 3 years



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