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        Product name Universal Thinner A362 Product category Ding Yue series
        Detailed product

        Product introduction

        Slow dry mixing solvent for automotive paint. Diluted paint,Reduce paint viscosity and concentration. Slow volatility,It provides sufficient leveling time for large-scale construction in high temperature environment,Increase the smoothness of the paint film,The base paint applies.

        Product characteristics

        Slow drying, The rate of evaporation is extremely slow,Adequate flow time is provided for the high temperature environment.

        Polyurethane solvent, The moisture content is extremely low,Solvent without the -oh active group.

        Dissolve the power,Both single and double paint are applicable.

        The volatile velocity has a better gradient,Can create soft paint film effect.

        Physical parameters

        Appearance status

        Water white and clear liquid

        specific gravity


        water content


        Form a complete set of products

        Varnish, solid paint, metal paint, pearl paint, primers

        Construction parameters

        Mix proportion

        2K Plain coloured lacquer (2K varnish):Paint curing agentthinner =2:1:0.10.3 
        1KMetallic paint
        thinner =1:11.2

        Method of operation

        The type and ratio of diluent should be selected according to ambient temperature and construction viscosity.

        Scope of application

        Used in 0 ~ 30 ° C above application of whole vehicle or large spray high temperature environment.


        Not suitable for industrial paint

        Packing specification



        The storage period of the open tank is 3 years



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