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        Maintenance method of automobile maintenance vehicle paint
        Source:Jiaxin  Date:2017-06-17

        Many car friends in the car maintenance in this respect, the most attention should be the maintenance of the car paint, because they want their car looks very bright, radiant, eye-catching. Most of the methods of paint maintenance generally now is used in wax or glazing, so there are methods of polishing, painting, coating and paint these kinds of maintenance. Today, we have the honor to go to the car maintenance profession experts, for us to answer these car paint maintenance method of good or bad.
        A. waxing: use in the car paint above waxing, you can paint on the car to form a layer of maintenance film, with anti-aging, anti oxidation and other effects.
        Expert answers: the oil in the paint wax is easy to pollute the paint surface, and waxing needs to be repeated to keep the effect.
        B. coating: and enamel will be combined with car paint, the difference is that this film is only attached to the surface of the car body, to play a role in isolating the protection of vehicle paint.
        Expert answer: for the paint maintenance method, coating is relatively the highest cost. But it works better than the others.
        C. polishing: in general, when the paint is found to be aging and oxidation phenomenon, first of all, it should be polished, and then waxing.
        Experts answer: we do not recommend polishing too frequently, because polishing is like to paint to "dead skin" work, long-term use will make the paint become thinner and the final result of everyone as can be imagined.
        D.: can increase the paint glaze glaze intensity, prevent sandstorm hit in the car caused a small scratch, high temperature resistance and UV resistance.
        Experts answer: the effect of continuous time is generally not more than two years, and the frequency of the polishing glazing is a kind of damage to the car paint.
        E. re painting: when the paint is beginning to age and fade, the paint can be repainted to make the paint beautiful.
        Expert answer: paint is often subject to raw materials, spraying equipment and construction technology and other factors, it is difficult to completely restore the quality of the factory.
        For the car paint maintenance, everyone's views are not the same, waxing, sealing glaze, re painting, coating, polishing these methods are often used. The prices of these methods are different, and the price of coating should be the highest. Waxing should be a more economical way to buy a box of 100 yuan car wax, probably 10 times, and labor costs are not high.


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