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        Recruitment principle
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          The company adhere to the "people-oriented" concept of employment, attaches great importance to the development and management of human resources, to provide a broad development space and competitive compensation and benefits, and employees to grow together, and constantly improve the training management mechanism, vigorously introduce all kinds of talents, and strive to create a unity, hard work, professional management team.

          The company's rapid growth needs more talents to join our team, values and dreams in your Schwab achievement. We will provide a good opportunity of training and occupation planning for you, through the joint efforts, Charles will become the automotive coatings industry well-known enterprises, Schwab is willing to work with you hand in hand, create a better future!

        ●The company has lighting, basketball courts, indoor table tennis room and other recreational sports facilities, and regularly carry out corresponding competitions.
        ●Organize a group outing tour every year.
        ●The company provides accommodation, dormitory equipped with air-conditioning, cable, water heaters and other facilities.
        ●The company has perfect attendance award, seniority allowance, performance bonuses and other benefits.
        ●The company provides five insurance for employees: pension insurance, industrial injury insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance.
        ●The company has paid marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave and paid annual leave.
        ●The company has a sound performance appraisal system, and regularly evaluate its performance according to personal performance, and provide good mechanism and guarantee for employees.


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